An Award-Winning Packaging Design Studio

Premium Packaging Design for Wines & Spirits

Because the outside does matter.

You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s eye across the aisle. Is your packaging standing out from the competition?

Our team specializes in brand identity, packaging and communication for wine and spirits. We’re here to make you win.


Full-Service Packaging Design for Premium Brands

We will partner with you for the entire process, including:

  • Uncovering your brand’s story (or developing one with you)
  • Translating your story into visuals
  • Bespoke bottle design
  • Label design
  • Gift box design
  • Print supervision & quality control

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    Label & Packaging Design

    We craft premium label and packaging designs for high-end wines, gin, whiskey, rum, vodka, cognac and other spirits.

    • Unique label design
    • Bespoke bottle design
    • Gift box design
    • Top quality and craftsmanship

    Branding & Strategy

    Through strategy and art direction, we help building memorable brands with unique identities.

    • Story development
    • Premium logo design
    • Authentic identity design
    • Branding

    Simple process all the way - from concept to final art.

    1 – Discovery

    We start at the beginning: with your story.

    When you meet with your Creative Director, they’ll walk through the history of your company and distill the essence of your brand into a clear message. One that will guide the entire design process.

    Don’t have an epic story full of family tradition or overcoming obstacles? That’s okay.

    We love working with companies from the earliest stages. We can help you create the story behind your product . . . one that communicates quality and instantly connects customers to your brand.


    2 – Design

    Once you and the creative director have agreed on a direction, your dedicated team heads off to their design caves to do their creative magic.

    We’ll keep you in the loop with regular check-ins, but you can trust that we’ll bring your vision to life. Probably in a way you didn’t even think was possible (Trust us, we’re damn good at this.)


    3 – Refining

    We don’t have a traditional “revision” process. Because you work with us throughout the project. Your regular feedback keeps everything on track so we don’t have to constantly redo work.

    And if it’s necessary to return to the drawing board completely? We can do that too. Thanks to the iterative nature of our process and pricing structure, we don’t mind scrapping work that doesn’t feel right to you.

    Our main goal is to deliver designs and packaging that helps you gain attention . . . from customers who find your product irresistible, from investors who see a bright future ahead, and from your competitors who wish they invested in premium design.


    4 – Final Touches

    We aren’t going to send you some files in a “Good luck!” email.

    Whenever possible, we work directly with printers in the prototyping and testing phases. This ensures the work meets our standards and your vision.

    We want to see your bottles on the shelf as much as you do, maybe even more. (Our designers get giddy when they see their work on the shelf. And we love adding show-stopping designs to our portfolio.)

    But we also want to make sure that everything is perfect, from embossing to accents to closures. So we’ll get this part just right.


    5 – Celebrate!

    We love seeing the looks on our clients’ faces when they have the final product in their hands. And when they win their first packaging design award (which has happened for more than one of our clients).

    We celebrate with you as you begin this next step in an amazing journey, whether it’s your first product line or your fifth.

    What Our Clients Say

    I could not recommend Think Bold Studios enough. They were very professional with their service, as they kept in constant contact with me throughout the design process allowing my brand to have a really bespoke identity. I feel fortunate to have hired their services before the world fully discovers them and I can no longer afford the price that they are most definitely worth.
    Samuel J R Neale
    Founder, Manchester Still Inc.
    Unbelievably talented and professional designers. Listened to our brief and executed it to perfection, resulting in a Silver Medal at the World Rum Awards for Label Design. If you want your product to stand out and look super premium then look no further. Looking forward to more award winning designs in the future. Thank you!
    Andrew Laird
    Founder, Liverpool Lost Dock Rum
    Extremely impressed at how easy the process was, how the team understood what our ideas were and made them a reality, and the outcome was even better than the vision we had in our head at the start of our journey. Lovely people and very talented and easy to communicate with! Would recommend Think Bold to anyone who is looking to design a world-class label and work with a creative caring team!
    Mitch Carr
    Founder, Triple Six Gin

    Award-Winning Design Studio

    We take pride to have our work recognized by prestigious national and international entities.

    2020 / The Spirits Business – Design Masters (Silver)

    2019 / Muse Creative Awards – Packaging Design (Gold)

    2019 / Muse Creative Awards – Logo Design (Rose Gold)

    Brands That Trust Us